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The damage

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Let's get a first look (even I look nice from a distance you know)

leftsided.jpg (33858 bytes) This is our girl as she looked like when she arrived, top removed.  I already removed the left/middle roof support. No tools necessary for the canvas top and sides. Piece of cake !
rightside.jpg (40453 bytes) On the right side, the support is still there. If you really want to remove the top fast, you have to leave it there since it's the only part fixed with (2) screws.
rear.jpg (36528 bytes) The rear looks perfect (at this distance)
engine.jpg (40773 bytes) Ever seen a Méhari engine ? Take a closer look, the engine seems smaller then the gearbox :-)

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But now...the closer look !

rearlefthole.jpg (17806 bytes) Now this we call a BIG hole. This is the left side. But some experienced people told me it can be repaired. We'll see about that when we get to it.
The left side : 'a hole in one' ! No problem they all tell me....

holleft.jpg (26038 bytes)

crackint.jpg (22063 bytes) A crack on the inside, just at the wheel. Definitely repairable.
Some minor body damage at the 'ailerons'. Shouldn't give us too much trouble. crncrk.jpg (17812 bytes)

And what about the canvas...

This is the complete top and sides. It's a complete set and looked pretty good. Except for the upper part of de doors. 

Notice also the 'accessory' in the middle. It's called a 'cangaroo bag' and hangs under the top. It is used to carry your upper doors when you want to take them off.

bachall.jpg (34510 bytes)
But what a pitty ! I discovered that only later, but all the transparent 'windows' have been replaced in a bad way : rivets instead of stitches. You'll allways see the rivet-holes when I do the repair in the original way. I'll just have to replace all the sides and upper-doors if I want it perfectly. bacrivet.jpg (37564 bytes)

Ever seen a Méhari dashboard ?

dashb.jpg (29189 bytes)

Looks good to me. But personaly I prefer the older type. The younger models like mine are equipped with the Citroen Visa's instrument panel.

There's even a genuine warning about not using solvents and stuff to clean the plastic. Look at this :

attplk.jpg (15951 bytes)

And maybe you wondered how this strang umbrella-shift-lever works ? Well, it's all explained on the instrument panel :

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