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Mehari restauratie : weg met dat ijzer

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Now it's getting fun ! Removing the frame is really easy. Repairing it is another story...

overvie1.jpg (34987 bytes) No comment needed. All plastic has been removed. Only the chasis is left : 4 tubular frames (2 big ones and some smaller stuff), the engine, gearbox and axels are left.
Everything looked pretty well. The big rear frame and the middle frame needed some minor repair but they could both be safed...

On the background (under the plastic) you can see my father's Minerva.

overvie2.jpg (32634 bytes)
bent frame (17024 bytes) This explains the hole in the body (above the wheel). The car has been in some minor accident, causing the slightly bent frame. The wheel has been scraping through the body.
The previous owner seemed to have done some rescue job by welding a metal strip on th frame but it was to late...


First the backframe



I deserved a break here. Time for a good sigar and see what I'll do next...

Anyone knows the car on the background ? It's a Peugeot 204. We should sell it since it takes too much place.

Give the man a cigar (30081 bytes)


Removing the engine (only 20 minutes of work)


I always make a lot of picture before removing anything. Just a habit so I can find back what belongs where...

They might be useful for you too, so here they are..


Details of the disk brakes
(the older models have drum brakes)

Disk brakes and pipes (32868 bytes)

eng2.jpg (34790 bytes)

Starter and alternator cabling

Parking brake lever and cabling

eng2.jpg (34790 bytes)

And now it can come out...

I took it out together with the gearbox. Only 4 bolts to remove...


engine1.jpg (35488 bytes) engine2.jpg (36264 bytes) engine3.jpg (33470 bytes)
The first meter... Oops, I forgot the fuel pipe There it is

There's only the dashboard frame and the small one in front left. But lets do some cleaning first...
As you can see, I removed the fuel tank at the end and not when I removed the back frame. Make it easy on yourself.

getto.jpg (28872 bytes) And let's clean up the getto. My god did this car gather some dirt !

Afterwards I removed the fuel tank

Now the dashboard frame

  • Remove the handbrake lever to get an easier access to the bolts
  • Remove all the frame bolts you find (one bolt is a little bit tricky)
  • See that the steering column has been pulled back
  • Just take it of now
  • Be careful no to lose the 2 rubber silent blocks shown on the picture

Silent block (27949 bytes)

wash2.jpg (23499 bytes)

And now some more cleaning...

Even under the armpits...

wash1.jpg (38084 bytes)

You want it all ? Well, just remove front and rear axles then...

amorear.jpg (26340 bytes)

This is a little bit more complicated. You have to remove the suspension first. The shock absorbers are easy to remove but then...

Just mail me and I'll explain. I forgot to take pictures of the process

(btw. Pictures taken BEFORE cleaning)

Here they are afterwards...

DEBRIS1.JPG (28792 bytes)

jstpltfr.jpg (34535 bytes)

And this is what's left...
It once was a Mehari, but it suddenly stopped being a car...


(notice my first welding job on the left)

Look, the new nose arrived ! But men do I have another pile of junk in the garage...

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