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Marriage in a Mehari...that's the fun

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On July 30, 1999 I took the big step and got married (this is why this update came so late BTW since I had better things to do on my honeymoon).

Thanks to all those nice Mehari-people I got to know in the last year, we managed to put a little ceremony fleet together with 7 genuine Mehari's. Thank you all, guys !!

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August 29 : two Mehari's could be borrowed (I had to provide reliable drivers myself). Thanks Guy and Jean-Paul. I just cleaned your cars !

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August 30 : they all arrive on time, thank God !

From left to right, back to front :
- our own Palmyre :  yellow Acatama
- Philip's : undefinable yellow :-)
- Hedwig's : Montana green
- Jean-Paul's : beige Hoggar
- Guy's : Orange Kirghis
- Kristof's : beige Hoggar
- Erwin's : some mysterious red

We're running a little bit late. Just some time left to remove the canvas top from Kristof's Méhari

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All cars dressed up now. From left to right, Our own 'Palmyre', Phlip's car and Hedwig's Montana.

We don't have the official license plate yet, so we'll have to do with a special one this time.

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Gentlemen, start your engines...

Ready to load the passengers...

Who'll take the pole position ?

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palm1.jpg (25006 bytes) And up we go...

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And here they are..almost husband and spouse, but more important for you ...our own Mehari finally up and running !

Thanks to José for the nice picture

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Ok, it's over now, let's go home for a glass of champagne !

Many thanks to all the drivers and our Mehari-friends who kindly provided their beloved little car for the ceremony.

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A last 'official picture' for the record...

Bride and groom, and at the same time proud Mehari owners.

And then it's time for some rest before the party begins !

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