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Not always Mehari pictures

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From time to time I find some nice cars on meetings. Here are some I personally liked very much :

AMI.BMP (301238 bytes)LOMAX.BMP (301238 bytes) Even if I'm not so fond about kit cars, I must admit that the man who build this Lomax did a really good job
orange mehari frontorange mehari back
And what about this beauty ! It wasn't perfect but came close to it.
I particularly like the color and the bumpers. Should make my own some day

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This one has an ENAC hardtop. Optional (expensive) accessory long ago.
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This is my friend David Desablence's beauty.
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Another ENAC hardtop.
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A nice '72 in 'Tibesti green' and it's nice old dashboard (with some non-original parts : choke button and disappeared ashtray)

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Sorry, bad scanning : this is a car called 'Marieke' (Little Mary). Nice example of 'looking good' but it was time to repair the frame ! By now, it has been restored completely. Go take a look


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And this is Hugo's Mehari. Notice the reed top instead of the canvas. Nice solution for the summer. Won't win the beauty contest but this is realy a Mehari, used for the right purpose : drive it !


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and this is Jaap Frickers Mehari
Eddy Merckx and his '69 Méhari

A '69 model ! You can recognize the '69 by its front blinklights and the 'unwrinkled' surface between the hood and the door. 


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Only for brave people ! Guy drives his Mehari in the winter

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A 4x4 and an 'Azur'
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usfront.jpg (34657 bytes)usside.jpg (43850 bytes)usdash.jpg (30178 bytes)A nice old US model
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