So who wants to know  about me ?

Another not-completed-page I'm afraid. At least I have a picture (click on it if you realy want to see the full size of it):

mehenme.jpg (32918 bytes) Well, if you didn't find this out yet, I'm Philippe Sonneville, living in Lokeren (Belgium), that's the flemish/dutch side (Flanders) in our strange country. (If you didn't know, we have french-speaking and even a german-speaking part too).

I'm 38 years old/young, 2 m tall (that's about 6,6 ft) and still fitting in Méhari as you can see

That's all for now folks, or did you want to know more ?

I'm ICQ-available ! Here's my data. ICQ-users will know what is what in this table.

Philipe Sonneville Meharix 15319245


Belgium English,Dutch,French,German


emailbtn.gif (2316 bytes) Just drop a mail, you will always get a reply !