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Mehari spare parts  Manual

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I was lucky to find the original Mehari spare parts manual. Here's some pictures for starters !

Click the pictures to see the  full-sized

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Tip : If you want to inspect a Mehari, this picture is worth clicking and waiting ! Save the large picture on your harddisk and open it with some graphics editor

This is what the tubular frame looks like. It consists of 5 major parts, as numbered on the (full-size) picture :

5 Front support
4 Hood and side support
2 Middle frame, carrying the dashboard
3 Seat support
1 Back frame, supporting inner body and sides

I added some colors, indicating typical Mehari damage.

  • The red zone is the one that goes first. You can check this zone completely just looking under the car. No need for dissassembly. Usually it can be repaired by welding. The parts don't necesarrily have to be replaced.
  • If the red zone seems ok, your green zones will probably be fine too. If not, you might considering replacing some parts (except part 5). Typically this means backframe and middle frame.  Higher costs ! You can't see all green zones easily on a complete car.
  • By the way, the back frame is relatively easy to replace, but to replace the middle one, count on dissasembling the whole body !
  • If the (green) front support (5) is damaged, it can be repaired of copied
platform.jpg (57545 bytes) The platform chassis

Now this is another story. Some damage can be repaired by some good welding, but in the worst case you'll have to replace it competely. If you want to buy a Mehari with severe platform damage, consider looking for another. To replace it, you have to dissassemble the care COMPLETELY.


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