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Day 1 : the arrival

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My first day as 'Mehari-owner' : just bringing the car home  was half the fun not to mention my very first Mehari-ride after 25 years.

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Loading her on the trailer...ready to go

remorq1.jpg (20779 bytes) We just drove her on the trailer. Her she's still covered by her top.
remorq2.jpg (26469 bytes) She really looks good (at least on a picture)
voorkant.jpg (26997 bytes) And she even looks happy to be with us too :-)
vincent.jpg (26821 bytes) Is it a bird....is it a plane....no, it's a Méhari ! My nephew is thinking about his drivers license which he should get in about 10 years...

It realy was nice to drive her home ; I couldn't keep my eyes from my rearview mirror to see her happy face. Still there's a lot of work to do so she won't leave her new garage until the spring of '99 (or is this just wishful thinking).

Home at last ! Let's take the homecoming queen for a spin

begonia.jpg (15346 bytes) After taking the top of, I finaly made the first ride in a Méhari after 25 years. You can see I enjoyed it !