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Mehari assembly

bcklghtrght.jpg (1997 bytes)

Finally I got there ! All we have now are bits and pieces. Let's put them together :

First the chassis

Now the small body-fitting-test (preferably before you did the paint job)

preassem.jpg (73646 bytes) I had to do this because I repaired the dent in the bassin. Otherwise this wouldn't make much sense when the body is separated from the chassis
repside.jpg (60268 bytes) Hm, the repaired dent looks good...enough


Now the welding check

To check if the frame is straigth enough to mount, and the dimensions are ok (the jack supports where gone, remember , I had to do some 'estimations' as far as their size was concerned)

Ready to get them sandblasted and galvanized

presabl.jpg (78983 bytes) and they need it
jante.jpg (66003 bytes) especially the wheels

In the mean time... some smaller jobs

zetel.jpg (59834 bytes) Some upholstery to do. Nice change of work

And here they're back, nice and clean

sableren.jpg (68343 bytes) and rather expensive
velgspt.jpg (54729 bytes) At least  I can spray the wheels in the open air. All that spraymist is killing me when spraying in the garage, even with good ventilation
velgaf.jpg (50851 bytes) Don't forget to paint at least one perfect wheel's inside since your spare tire will be visible from the inside.

Sandblasted, surfacer, primer and filler and final coat. New wheels would have been cheaper :-)

And now back for the body...the paint job !

grondverf.jpg (54623 bytes)

ABS needs a special surfacer (only a thin layer is enough) and it sure is expensive.

If you won't apply it, the final coat will peel off !

float1.jpg (68871 bytes) And after some careful sanding of the surfacer, I hung them up, ready for the final coating. I prefer spraying it all in one go
float2.jpg (62925 bytes) Looks like some cheap horror movie...a Mehari floating around in the garage
float3.jpg (53853 bytes) But the result is quite good. Don't forget to spray part of the inside of your side panels since you'll see it when you open the hood
float4.jpg (51459 bytes) It made me really happy to see the parts in their final stage
fan.jpg (67398 bytes) And even this huge fan had trouble keeping the garage free of spray fog
arm.jpg (58796 bytes) I even painted more then a Mehari. It's hard to keep plastic parts in place when you blow 4,5 bar on them :-)


Let's start assembling...

interior.jpg (56419 bytes) First the dashboard and then the basin back in place. Some parts (pedals, gearshift, ventilation, pushbuttons...) are already put in place. The ventilation is one hell of a job !
pedals.jpg (50222 bytes) But it seems ok now
And now some thorough instrument panel cleaning. My God what an amount of sand there was in it !

Don't try to remove the dials and gauges from the white plastic (it breaks off !)

dashdem.jpg (63526 bytes)
2minmeh.jpg (42023 bytes) And this is how you can fit a 2 meter body into a Mehari.

Connecting the speedometer cable here. You better do it BEFORE you install your seats.

Connecting gear shift, pedals, cables...

And don't forget to paint a part of the basin's outside since you'll see it under the hood

engfit.jpg (58292 bytes)
montint.jpg (46961 bytes) Now the seats are put back in place

(I still have to redo the passenger's seat upholstery. Take a closer look and compare left and right)

straighten.jpg (75352 bytes) Hmm...seems like a little bit more bending to do to straighten the frame...this is the way I did it :-)

(actually, it required 2 pairs of legs)

bakcmnt.jpg (63489 bytes) And now ... back to the back. It fits better now
After putting the windshield back, this is what you'll see...

Notice I also connected the wiring. Not too much trouble if it still has the original colors

(I'll add an electrical circuit later. It helps)

precar.jpg (64348 bytes)
zijkant.jpg (69159 bytes) And the first side is back in place. You better rivet the canvas hooks on it before you assemble the side.